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Our family-owned company was founded in 1914, and is since 103 years in the bussiness!

In our glasshouse in Hódmezővásárhely-Kopáncs, we grow quality young plants of pelargoniums and cutting-raised balconies and pot plants for growers. We have license-agreements with breeders, and we buy original cuttings from them. These we root in 4cm El­legaard paperpots in special trays.So we offer strong young plants and we can sell even 20 cuttings/variety as a minimum.

Due to companies-fusion, on the field of pelargoniums, we have a new and decisive partner: FLORENSIS. From them we will buy not only the whole of TOSCANA sortiment, but also ENDISCH-bred varieties. Of course we offer the important PAC-varieties, as well as a huge sortiment of our partners, with a lot of novelties. We hope, you will be satisfied with the offer, presented in this small “picture-book”.

We intend to make some improvemets soon on our website,so you will find there detailed descriptions and growing instruc- tions of each variety.